Your title implies very strongly that 'leftist' views are not mature or understanding. I would disagree with that; I believe that people who start with 'leftist' views and then move right have decided that the strain of dealing with their significant privilege is much too high and simply not worth the benefit to the people it oppresses. Basically, this group is typically white people who find it easier to understand white people and want others to find it easier too.

You request that 'lefties' treat Trump voters with respect and equality, yet your title--before reading one word of your essay--is saturated with condescension in its implication of 'lefty' immaturity.

I call this typical internalized white superiority: you request that 'lefties' show respect for different views by starting the discussion with a pronounced patronizing title that presumes that you, a 24 year old, is MORE mature than people like me who are literally almost 3 times your age.

I do hope this sort of pronounced condescension paired with a clear cut ignorance about it is only aimed towards other white people.

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