Your response embodies the description of white people, as a group, which I have tried to convey. First of all, I repeatedly use the words ‘white people as a group’ because there are individual exceptions AND because I believe, regardless of individual behavior, white people as a group need to work on their psychological defensive reactions to any attempt by black, brown and indigenous people to establish equality, a concept that hasn’t been realized in the US because white supremacy confers grossly unequal benefits to whites as a group while depriving a wide range of black, brown, and indigenous peoples.

You write that I don’t mention any white people who help BBI’s, but this is the point of my essay. White people frame continued dominance as ‘help.’ There is no need to broach the topic of ‘help’ when there isn’t genuine help involved. That is, putting a firm boot on another person’s neck and then reaching down to ‘help’ that person stand is not help. It’s hypocrisy. Move that heavy foot, and BBI’s won’t need ‘help.’

BBI peoples do not need the false narrative of white help from white people, because that narrative assumes whites should have the power to help. My stance asks BBI peoples to consider what that ‘help’ really means, and my stance is that ‘help’ is the way in which white liberals, as a group, maintain their ignorance while simultaneously holding on to their power.

Imagine that, instead of ‘helping’ BBI peoples, white people would simply let us win when we win. Asians, as only one of many examples, are consistently getting higher scores on SAT’s — a test written about a century ago by whites, for whites, with the specific purpose of favoring whites AND excluding others from higher level educational institutions— and despite this, underperforming whites are getting these positions through ‘donations’ (legal extortion) and, when that doesn’t work, overt criminal behaviors as we see the Loughlins etc exhibiting. George Bush is one famous example of an underperformer — someone who, despite a silver spoon in every orifice, still could not compete with the BBI’s around him, and had an SAT score 180 points lower than the average. History illustrates the disastrous results of letting someone of Bush’s low intellectual and moral caliber in a position of power.

If only this one group, Asians, were to be given rewards WHERE THEY ARE BEING EARNED by Asians, white people would not have the ability to ‘help.’ They would lose their ability to look down on others while considering how ‘nice’ they are to even think about helping BBI’s, because equality would dictate that the real winner win, and whites would not have these lofty positions they continue to hand each other which allow them the condescending psychological stance of ‘help.’

The white psychology that frames whites as ‘helpful’ is a heavily and significantly flawed psychology, one in which whites as a group participate and which constitutes self-deception. How can one ‘help’ people whose performance is consistently superior?? That sort of industrial-sized lie will require self-deception.

I ask BBI peoples, in my essay, to understand this: ‘help’ from white people is motivated by self-deception.

Why would people performing at higher levels — for several generations at this point — need ‘help’ from people whose success is based on a long-standing set of lies and who, it is obvious, have obtained what they have as a group by taking it from others?

It is the flawed psychology of a majority of white people — that they can ‘help’ — which is the core of this essay. My essay doesn’t include white people who ‘help’ because the point of it is that white offers of ‘help’ are simply ways that white people stay blind not only to their huge advantage but also to the fact that, as a group, they are not performing at the levels at which they place themselves. I repeat: the only authentic way whites as a group can help BBI’s as a group in the wake of the disastrous behaviors of the last few centuries is to remove that massive advantage: move that heavy foot, and let the real winners win.

When white people as a group witness BBI’s winning, stop lying to yourselves and just let us achieve what we are already achieving, even if it means the under performance of higher level whites is revealed AND that they no longer sit in higher level positions unless they exhibit actual performance and some degree of respect for basic morality.

Just stop to think about what the entire human race has been deprived of in the last c. 500 years while the achievements of 90% of the human race have been — and continue to be — derogated, ignored, and tossed to the side in favor of maintaining the mediocrity which we’ve been forced to tolerate for years. The world has already been deprived of enough.

It’s time for BBI’s to start entertaining an honest psychology for ourselves — since very few white people exhibit this honesty — and demand what we earn, instead of watching our rewards plop into those same white laps for another few centuries.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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