You are neglecting the fact that, at EVERY level, people of color have to achieve at higher levels in order to expect less than their white counterparts. It is as if you erase this factor in order to discuss only the result.

In order for Asians and others of color to end up at Harvard--never mind a wide range of higher level positions in society--the performance must be higher than an equivalent white one's. Therefore, racism exists no matter how wealthy or poor. When discussing Asians and white people, then, instead of lumping all the 'educated' ones who have a certain set of values together, you should be considering the vast disparity in experience that any POC has relative to white people at any level.

You seem to view these things from an economic lens. POCs are damaged by racism regardless of wealth or economics--race is permanent. That was the point of white supremacy--allow one small group a break, and everyone else's resources--while poaching others and forcing them to do the work (especially Black peoples). If you see this through a white supremacist lens--which are the rules of the current social contract worldwide--then there is no real comparison between white people and everyone else at any level. ALL of us are working harder for less when we aren't white, at all levels, and unlike poverty--which goes away once you make money--race and ethnicity never go away. The social circumstances that favor whites must go away to make things better for POCs AT ANY WEALTH LEVEL.

Without accounting for the reality of the last half-era, this dilemma cannot be viewed accurately. POCs are not in the same situation as white people at any level because regardless, we have to battle white supremacy and the residue of white 'ubermenschen' which persists.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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