Yes. We should not forget that white supremacy is a worldwide movement of fascism — the first worldwide movement that privileges white people everywhere at the expense of POC’s, even in their native countries. Previously, all systems of dominance have been relatively local or have extended only partway to other countries. White supremacy has contaminated the entire planet through colonization and the TransAtlantic Slave Trade, unique in the history of slavery for several important reasons. And, WS operates through a potent anti-blackness that must always frame ‘black’ as inferior.

I fear that our society will corral white supremacy, minimizing it so that it’s true nature is never expelled worldwide. I’ve recently read a book in which a mixed race (black and white) male suggests we act as if race doesn’t exist as a method for eliminating it. This seems bizarre! Instead, I suggest we tackle it directly: acknowledge that white supremacy is not only a huge problem in the US but is a worldwide problem, and that it operates specifically by placing black people at its polar opposite.

Thanks so much for writing this! I’ve had too many conversations where the focus is on ‘nice’ at the expense of the truth.

Truth is more important than niceties, no matter who is uncomfortable with it. Truth is usually spoken to power, so we know, by definition, that the powerful group will be the least comfortable. They should work on accepting this instead of blabbing on about how ‘ashamed’ they feel and thus recentering themselves YET AGAIN.

Thanks again!

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