Yes! This is like a personal relationship with a narcissist, on a collective level. Essentially, the narcissist only acknowledges his/her/their own humanity and will marshall all efforts in the interest of maintaining that type of relationship.

Ultimately, the other partner is used, abused, and rendered invisible OR, if a scapegoat is needed, suddenly appears as a good place to kick in the event that the narcissist has had a difficult day.

This is the collective behavior of white people as a group, and because the white individuals who disagree are in a minority, the larger group’s desires prevail. Collectively, wide swathes of people of color are murdered and/or rendered otherwise inferior as if they are the ‘partner’ of the larger white collective group.

Often, in that personal relationship, the narcissist’s victim gets tired and leaves. IN the case of white supremacy, the narcissist’s victims are 90% of the human race. I often wonder when POC’s will realize fully that a white supremacist system is simply about collective domestic abuse.

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