Yes. This is extremely frustrating. As a nonBlack mixed race and ethnicity person of color, I cannot speak for Black people and do not have the particular history that they have in this country.

However, I do have a multi-generational history of mixing, and stories I have heard from people who have lived on several continents, and white supremacy has been the norm in all of these countries since at least 1900, as documented orally by my family. Families that are mixed do produce a few members that cleave towards the site of power, which is whiteness.

I think what most don't see about TCW and men like him is that they encompass an entire approach to whiteness in their lives which is expressed starting at a relatively young age. It isn't just about a few political opinions or situations, as it might seem on the surface. That is, it isn't his theories and observations that lead to his opinions, it is his opinions that lead to his theories and which he frames as 'cultural criticism.' Typically, these are young males, conservative to libertarian-minded (that is, primarily atomized, viewing others as purely individual and thus not attached to a larger collective community) even when they call themselves 'liberal.'

In my family, these men show a lifelong adult--and sometimes even younger--devotion to their own 'individuality' ie whiteness at the expense of, well, anybody else. They marry white, they brag about their white wives--usually blonde and blue-eyed--they show pictures of their blonde children at every reunion, they defend white supremacy as an appropriate status quo by shifting attention elsewhere, ie, color blindness. In addition to showing a near obsessive devotion to whiteness (I immediately saw my family members when I read his recent memoir on unlearning race, where he talks about blonde and blue eyes ad nauseum), there is also an extreme derision for stereotypically nonwhite items. For example, 'rap' is often associated with 'Blackness' in this country; he wrote an entire book about rap and hip-hop, blaming music for his violent behaviors towards women. I note that he never asked himself if he, as an individual, simply has a greater tendency towards violence than other men--which should be his LOGICAL conclusion given his focus on individuality and personal responsibility. And this is where we see the other penetrated feature of these nonwhite self-haters: hypocrisy. They lie to themselves, so everything produced from this becomes a form of lie, a hypocrisy.

But these issues only apply to others in their minds, not boys like this. TCW blocked me on Twitter for reiterating one of his Tweets which he deleted bc it didn't play well with his most recent defense of Aaron Coleman: his reference in the Tweet to the way he likes to watch Parisian prostitutes at night. I note that he blocked me for merely exposing his own words. This was followed by a rash of other responses from other Twitter members during which they also reported immediate blocking by TCW for no good reason, upon seeing my complaint.

This behavior is typical of these young guys. They cannot seem to admit that they are positioned inferiorly by white supremacy and will do anything to cleave away from it. They will block anything that makes them question their exalted sense of themselves. This arrogant denial, because it is so extreme, creates a context in which constant hypocrisy is required, and this is what we see: claims of the importance of individuals while these guys stomp on any individual not like them, claims of equality while blocking others, claims of 'cancel culture' while, in fascist fashion, cancelling others without the power that--let's face it!--other supporters of the status quo grant him. He just does some of their dirty work for them.

These men are sad. I keep my children away from them at reunions, because their internalized racism is so extreme that it leaks out in their words and gestures as true hatred for others of color, even in their own families. Here is what I've noticed, though, knowing several generations in my family--though again, I cannot speak for the Black experience---their children, at least in my family, when they figure out the vast hypocrisy, push back HARD, sometimes eschewing their parents altogether. Typically, the more extreme the libertarian parent, the more extreme the response of the child in the opposite direction.

I personally think that one of those blonde, blue eyed children whose phenotypic traits he is constantly bragging about will figure him out one day and, at least based on my experience and his extreme ignorant arrogance, will push back HARD.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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