Yes! This is a great idea. It should be used as if this is a CURRENT intervention — not framed as if white supremacy is a thing of the past.

I also read somewhere that we need a ‘White History Month.’ During this month, the history ‘teaching’ which is done the rest of the year is put aside for a month of actual factual information and truth. This would include indicating the way in which white supremacy continues, to this very moment, to privilege white people at the expense of people of color, an extension of the worldwide behaviors witnessed c. 500 years. That is, it would include current members receiving benefit and NOT allow them to ‘turf’ it to history, the past, their ancestors, or claim the fantastical, wholly psychotic delusion that ‘racism is over.’

During White History month, all students will expect to hear the truth, not the BS we currently feed our children re: history and the way in which white people in this day and age have NO responsibility, since white supremacy is ‘over.’

Of course, if we were teaching history correctly to begin with, there would be no need for White History Month. The 1619 Project would eliminate any need for White History Month because our children would be getting the truth on a regular basis. Too bad they don’t at this point in history, literally more than 150 years after slavery was officially made illegal.

But teaching the truth isn’t the priority. The priority is to make sure that, at all age levels, white people are made to feel comfortable regardless of the extent to which their privilege — including their self-deception — sacrifices, damages, deforms, and even murders the rest of us. Apparently, the comfort level of white kids — like the comfort level of white adults — is the only bottom line.

Thanks again — your intervention should be applied year-round! Starting at young ages so that the conviction of superiority isn’t as hard-wired as it seems to be at this point in history, and so that we don’t keep seeing the same mediocrity and automated privileging everywhere we turn, and especially at higher levels.

She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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