Yes, I’ve come to agree that we will never be that nation. As a POC of both mixed race and mixed ethnicity who isn’t black, I’ve been derogated with microaggressions and prejudice for as long as I’ve had memory, in both England and the US, AND I’ve observed anti-blackness — the very core of white supremacy — continue to operate to denigrate black people. I’ve experienced prejudice and observed it against others enough to believe that only a significant alteration will cause true change. That significant alteration is perceived by white people as a collective — that is, most white people — as a threat, so ultimately the efforts to NOT change are made by those with the most power, and the cycle continues.

I’ve come to agree with Derrick Bell: white people will only change on the basis of ‘interest convergence;’ that is, if they don’t benefit, ultimately, they won’t take action. Because by definition giving up privilege means, from a subjective standpoint, giving things up, by Bell’s definition, this will not happen.

This is our vicious cycle and catch-22. That unless a majority of white people are willing to give up privilege, POC’s and in particular black people will continue to be denigrated. Thus, we will continue to perceive white people collectively as the oppressor since this is our lived reality.

Thanks again for conveying your embedded experiences: maybe you should write a book of personal essays…these have value to people willing to appreciate the effort you make…

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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