Yes, I have actually! I just posted one today on MENA and the census.

It is a bit difficult for me to answer this for many people because I am mixed: in addition, partly white and partly Asian. I have only ever identified as non-white, and my earliest memories in America and Britain are of racism. I was consistently identified as partly black, I think because white America at one point only saw binary: black, below them, and white, above. This reflects the core of white supremacy, the binary. For example, I was compared to Lisa Bonet and Sade and called ‘exotic,’ which has a number of layers of backhanded insult you probably already understand (not insulting to me per se, but because I could tell from the tone that it carried some racism). Plus, my mother was the ‘dark’ of two sisters, the other being ‘light,’ and this played across three continents. In my particular extended family, I am the ‘darkest’ of 15 cousins and my mother was ‘darkest’ also, so our experience is of being subordinated even in our own families. I believe this is a variant on ‘colorism.’ It is a direct teacher on the toxic, noxious, radioactive damage that is the invention of white supremacy.

My experience of this is to teach me the damage that white supremacy has created by placing ‘black’ at the bottom as a superficial strut for their ‘superior’ white, and to understand that my role in the binary is: a. determined by a larger white dominant group, which is the main problem; and b. necessarily frames everybody above black so that this dominance is maintained. I feel it’s my job to understand not only whose foot is on my neck but where my foot may fall.

I feel strongly that Middle Eastern peoples are not white. By the same token, I think all nonwhite nonblack peoples should understand that the dilemma in the US is institutional, not merely de facto, for African Americans and that this creates a different dilemma for African Americans (and yet another for Native Americans) that must be addressed directly and by all Americans.

Thank you so much for your continued connection to these thoughts! Please take a look at my MENA article if you have a chance — it is a somewhat informal essay but I used a few real life examples to get the idea across…

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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