Yes, I agree with you that the conflation of being Jewish and being a Zionist is not accurate. This statement reflects my own experience, which is that the Jewish people I have known have been Zionist, and proudly. In fact, I don’t know any Jewish people who are not. In our circles of female friends, there are Jewish women who describe in some detail the experiences of their ancestors — some of which were victims of the Holocaust — and make a definitive connection between the events of the Holocaust and the necessity of both the existence of Israel and the protection it requires through American funding.

So, I understand there is a difference between being Jewish and being Zionist, but I have never met any examples of this. I went to progressive schools, by the way, that were approx 40–50% Jewish, 40% white/not Jewish, and 10% ‘other’ from K-12, so it is not as if I haven’t been in contact with Jewish people. They were all Jewish and Zionist: some dinner conversations focused entirely on what my parents might think of Israel as ‘Arabs.’ (This was 1970–80's).

I do apologize if you were insulted by this conflation. I am speaking from my own experience, which has reflected the above. Certainly you are right: I can see from some of my reading that there are Jewish people who are not Zionists. The ones I know, however, who end up in some of our discussions about racism, speak about their own victimization and conclude that Israel must do whatever it needs to protect itself so that if the Holocaust happens again, they will have a place to go for protection. I’ve heard this for many years.

In the larger picture of worldwide consolidation of power c 500 years, the issue is the consolidation of power that European peoples have worked, as a group, to support. Maybe not each individual, but in the big picture, European peoples. In my mind, Jewish people as a group are not perceived the same way — they are considered ‘different’ at some level , whether or not they consider themselves European— and are thus, as a group, ultimately victims of the larger system.

But I am not Jewish, so I cannot state this with confidence, as you point out. I can report what I have consistently heard.

I can state with confidence that the bulk of my own discrimination and the discrimination I’ve observed has come from (non-Jewish)white people of all economic levels, and only infrequently from Jewish people.

I apologize if I insulted you in any way and will step out of your discussion….

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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