Yes, I agree with this. I am overwhelmed with the work I've had to do for decades, as a POC, and this racism that so many white people use to overtly and subtly keep us under their feet is tiresome and has become unbearable. And I am not Black, so I am sure I get a much better version of this toxic behavior, which a wide range of white people have inflicted upon me for about half a century. I can't imagine what it must be like to be Black at this point in America and believe strongly that Black people are NOT responsible for turning the cheek towards people who have shown, repeatedly, that their primary motivation is to take their relative ease by keeping a very heavy foot on EVERYBODY else's neck.

The problem with essays like this one is that they draw an equivalence between the group in the oppressor group and the oppressed, an absurd comparison which makes the entire argument biased. Oppressed people do NOT hold the same responsibility for understanding the oppressor as the oppressor has to understanding the oppressed, therefore arguments that claim equivalence--ie, let's all just understand each other for some unity--simply aren't negotiating reality.

I disagree that because Trump supporters think this way we must accept it. There is no reason to cater and coddle this way unless the goal is to encourage further coddling behavior. The oppressor who doesn't understand that it is his/her/their responsibility to reach out will likely find him/her/themselves shocked when the demographic they've oppressed so aggressively has grown. Right now, white people (and some POCs, too) should be quite happy that Black people seem interested in equality, not revenge.

I agree that this writer, as a white woman, should do what she can to educate other white people. This article is appropriate, in my opinion, for white people who may want to do some actual work with regard to eliminating white supremacy.

It is grossly and minutely inappropriate to ask any POC--and certainly any Black person--to be the one to reach out to the heavy foot on their necks with an olive branch, especially when this group shows scanty evidence of desire to reach out to anybody on this alleged ‘left’ and often makes efforts to show the opposite. Think about those people who sloshed paint all over Black Lives Matter murals while saying ‘no, Black lives DON’T matter:’ they went to a store, spent their own money on paint and equipment, and then ruined the mural while reminding them ‘you don’t matter.’ Are these the people that Black people are supposed to reach out to and understand?!

As a last point, why would an oppressed group of people really CARE what the oppressor feels while he/she is trying to acknowledge privilege? This is not the concern of the victim; the victim's concern is to get the heavy foot off the neck. Why would it matter to the victim if that heavy foot feels shame or not?? If you're in the oppressor group, feel whatever you need to feel to reaccumulate some sort of basic decency, and then act on it! It can be shame or a merry jig around a pot of gold, as long as the RESULT is to acknowledge the privilege and then act as if that privilege should now confer, appropriately, to the POC who have thus far been oppressed.

Nobody is demanding shame! We want action. Feel shame or don't feel shame, but acknowledge that privilege and ACT ON IT.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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