Yes. Exactly. As a partly Asian person, I think it is integral for all Asians to understand this: we are being used as pawns in the game of white supremacy meant to keep white people firmly entrenched in the tunnel of success while blaming Black people for it. Note how we don't really exist in the mind of white supremacy except as a way to maintain their power.

This reminds me of fifth grade. Here's what happens: the popular girl (boy, etc) with the power decides, during periods when her power is waning, that she needs a scapegoat. She typically picks the most socially vulnerable person and shifts the blame to her.

At this point, an adult needs to intervene given the fact that fifth graders are neither adequately morally adept to handle this or in possession of the insight to understand that they are being manipulated by power.

When will these white people and other 'white' actors tire of their sophomoric immoral behaviors? Because certainly they haven't yet.

My message to ALL people of Asian descent: DON"T by this BS. It's more tactical conquest behavior, and the people who benefit from it should be calling it out. (See Nicole Gon Ochi).

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