Yes. Exactly. These were erected as a sort of 'panopticon:' a form of 'nonviolent' control that allowed the remnants of slave patrol--policemen--a break from the inevitable riots that would happen by controlling minds of people.

I note, as a first generation American, how shocked some of my relatives are when they come from other countries and see these statues which presumably revere slave owners. This hypocrisy is immediately apparent to them: they understand why a country which claims 'freedom' is clearly showing a lack of interest in it when they allow these statues. The same has been mentioned to be about Stone Mountain.

The fact that ANY American walks by these statues and doesn't understand that their presences, even for a moment--never mind 100+ years later--indicates an overt and deep-seated hypocrisy illustrates just how entrenched are Americans in the context of overt and covert White Supremacy.

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