Yes, despite Fauci’s skill, I was wondering when people would notice that this stage is jam-packed with color-blind racism. The problem with that stage is that it is an example of dominance and tokenization. That is, the stage is always white-dominated, with an occasional dot of pigment here or there (Adams, Seema). So, we have people running the show whose investment in the larger picture, from a collective standpoint — and whether or not it is conscious — is to NOT see it.

They cannot express overt white supremacist leanings, but they can certainly be color blind because it falls under the threshold of the racism most white people see when they watch these updates. Having a stage that looks like a Hellman’s truck just crashed onto it cannot possibly represent the wide range of color that is required to do this right: white people are at the greatest advantage collectively, and NOT noticing that maintains the power structure. This is especially true of black peoples given the deliberate economic disadvantages due to slavery, centuries-long, and the continued deep-seated impact which continues due to generations of unpaid labor.

That stage is grossly color-blind, and the fact that (white) Americans don’t see this is not plain old ‘ignorance,’ another word which gets them off the hook. ‘Ignorance’ is a word which assumes an innocent, Anne-of-Green-Gables lack of knowledge, and this isn’t accurate. White people collectively participate in a collective hallucination which guarantees their foot stays on our necks, and they do this by NOT noticing. This is true even after centuries of being informed by mostly black people but also other POC’s. Working hard to NOT see how your freebies damage everybody else is NOT innocent ‘ignorance,’ it is deliberate and highly toxic. The fact that POC of any kind classify this as an innocent ‘ignorance’ continues to guarantee that there is no accountability among white people who are more than eager to turf the discussion to issues of (white) poverty or, in the case of women, feminism.

It is clear based on percentages alone that black people are getting screwed again. As a nonblack POC, I see this clearly. There are also disparities in health care for other POC’s, not as extreme as black people, but which illustrate that white people are at an advantage over everybody else. This is a completely congruent picture of what we would expect if resources are first given to white people — who are first in line, of course — and then other POC, with the persistent belief that black people are at the bottom and therefore there is no need to pay attention to these egregious statistics (in the white mind); the implication is that black people belong there, that this should be the baseline. There’s nothing democratic here: it is racial fascism, invented by white people for white people, and that stage is jam-packed with it.

In order for black people to be equal, white people will have to accept equality, too. White supremacists state outright that they don’t want that: they want dominance. White liberals state it too: by claiming to ‘help’ POC — from their position of continued dominance — but are too cowardly to admit to themselves that their behavior is functionally the same as any white supremacist. White people can only ‘help’ people of color by NOT taking their rewards each time any reward plops into their white laps. Their ‘success’ is automated — why don’t they default to ‘privilege’ when they get something instead of calling it ‘achieve’ or ‘earn.’ This is white supremacy without the courage to admit it.

To allow other people to matter, leadership cannot be majority white. It cannot be just that a few tokens of color are included: the majority cannot be white. This majority has proven for hundreds of years that they are unable to negotiate human equality or morality in any sort of realistic fashion: they continue to behave, on a collective basis, in ways which maintain resources in their pockets. Historically, in each and every case, a white majority finagles dominance over others by a wide complex of denial, color-blindness, and the general passive acceptance of their superiority in the absence of true objective achievement. A white majority has some sort of strange collective behavior that disregards completely their huge extrinsic advantage and allows them to continue the same white supremacist system. The reasons don’t need to be clarified before addressing the issue, though: a white majority is toxic to everybody else.

White people as a group are refusing to see their free ride — and the degree to which it relies on POC, and in particular, black oppression — so that they can keep getting the reward with significantly less effort (if any) relative to POC. NOT noticing one’s own color-blindness is simply another dictatorial maneuver meant to sustain dominance.

When this behavior does not provoke shame, I wonder if it is evidence that the moral center in that brain simply isn’t operating any longer?

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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