Yes. Couric’s privilege adheres to her and it always has. She is the prototypical girl next door who can do or say anything she wants because of the particular intersectionality of white and female in this country. Our history has created a unique place for white women and, because it is a profoundly privileged place that still simultaneously allows for perceived victimhood, everything goes.

Couric is another color-blind racist. She has always reminded me of the ‘I marched in the 60’s so I’m not a racist’ crowd: she is defending her ability to allow her physical appearance and her white femaleness to trump others. Of course she feels like she can tell a black man to limit himself to acting; I heard her say he just wasn’t smart enough to come up with political views.

Furthermore, at this juncture in time, there should be no defensiveness as Couric showed at this interview: white defensiveness should be perceived by white people as a sophisticated tack to maintain dominance, and if they count themselves as non-racists, they need to keep this defensiveness under wraps.

As a white woman, given the US’s egregious 400 year history, she should accept his statements at face value without trying to underline his emotionality by calling them ‘loaded.’ When she accuses him of this, she turns the tables on what should be her own perception of her defensiveness and her overly emotional response. Why is it so hard to take minimal responsibility? Oh yes, because for centuries, none has been taken at all.

This is typical white behavior: rather than taking accountability for her defensiveness and acknowledging that it is a psychological tack utilized to maintain her profound extrinsic advantage, she instead tosses it in his lap, a form of scapegoating.

More white supremacy, liberal-style.

It’s reached its expiration date.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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