Yes, as a lighter-skinned mixed brown woman, I agree. What you describe is a form of colorism which, because it relies on a binary, classifies human beings the same way we should — perhaps only — be classifying non-living creatures.

I agree that the fundamental problem is the human negotiation of power and the fact that, for all its other strengths, the human brain does not seem to be able to negotiate power effectively when it get it. This is certainly a humility that all of us need to own.

Also, your points are well-made — that because of this binary, black women are at the greatest disadvantage. This is reflected most overtly in poor health outcomes which are the end-stage exhibition of constant derogation. Not surprisingly, the health outcomes of brown peoples as groups falls in between that of white people and black people. This reflects the high degree of penetration of racial bias and gross economic discrimination which continues to confer favor to whites.

I agree that humility is valuable. However, when it is clear that ALL melanated peoples are at a racial disadvantage compared to whites, and the humility of brown and black peoples hasn’t resulted in any significant shifting of money and power, then humility isn’t working.

I agree in your assertion that all of us should exhibit humility, certainly towards the African-Americans and Native Americans/Indigenous who have paid the highest price.

However, on the other side, if this humility continues to promote white supremacy and white people continue to exhibit ignorance about their history — and in my experience, this is most white people — humility is simply not an effective pragmatic measure.

There is a pragmatic bottom line, regardless of humility: shift stolen monies back to those who have yet to be reimbursed and paid. This will reorient power automatically, because it is money that confers power, and thus it is the lack of money that confers subordination.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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