Yes. And if we look around, we can see de facto evidence of this. I believe I feel it because I am typically perceived as is — that is, WOC — but when I am perceived as a white woman, the difference in treatment is significant. Because my identity has always been solidly non-white, these disparities in treatment are very obvious. This tells me in an ‘unofficial’ way that ‘whiteness’ is superior in significant fashion, regardless of the continued victim complex that arises from white people as a group. It is shocking that, even with the amount of unearned benefit that they continue to accrue, they perceive that an equalization which isn’t even close yet to being equal is automatically framed as their derogation: they are still on top as a group. This immediately reveals that, as a group, the herd psychology is defending their superiority at all times. It is as if the moral center of the white herd mentality — the group mentality — has been macerated, at least as any sort of acceptable moral center.

As a non-black, non-white person, I sometimes watch as an outsider. I am continually shocked at how white people as a group are willing to distort reality to fit into a mold of ‘nice’ when the facts tell us otherwise. No matter how ‘liberal,’ in the final analysis, virtually all choose the white supremacy that hands them other people’s things without even considering the impact to everybody else. The fact that we continue to call this ‘ignorance’ is another way we coddle white people as a group by pretending they don’t really know what they’re doing, when as a group they’ve been doing it, worldwide, for almost half an era. How long will the ‘oops, I’m ignorant ‘cuz of my privilege’ work?!

Non-black peoples of color benefit from being non-black. They are subordinated by whites and placed — by whites as a group, in their system of ‘rank’ in which NOBODY else (as a representative group) is consulted. I believe that non-black people of color should understand this: that having a dominant group decide to treat you as a pawn is MORE WHITE SUPREMACY, even if there might be a brief, selfish, and — let’s face it — wholly white supremacist advantage to being ‘better than’ black people.

Let me give you an example of this: Arab-American attempts to have a separate census category. The Arab-American Institute has lobbied for this for over 3 decades, always with the same response by a white-dominated Congress: NO. Arab-Americans are treated with constant derogation. What would be the purpose of keeping that group ‘white,’ when as a country, there is constant criticism and prejudice?

The white population is decreasing. They are already getting the benefit of keeping their foot on the necks of ArAm peoples (along with all POC’s), so they don’t need to codify it. Instead, the white-dominated government tells ArAm that they can have whatever benefits white people most at that moment. This tempts ArAm who want to take advantage of ‘rankism’ re black people to be ‘superior’ to black people when a separate category would have indicated that they are different from white people (and they already act this way in de facto fashion anyway) AND that they are closer to black.

This consolidation of power away from white to non-white is something that the white population, as a group, cannot tolerate. This is obvious because despite the calls for equality that come out of their mouths, it still doesn’t exist for POC. For that reason, we know it is a variant of white ignorance that we should decide, as NBPOC’s, is more WS BS.

It is the responsibility of NBPOC’s to understand how the deeply entrenched system of white supremacy which ‘elevates’ them above black people is no elevation at all: it’s more fascism, more carefully constructed ‘ignorance,’ more shenanigans that disrupt all other peoples worldwide with the economic fascist component replaced with a racist color of skin component AND a bunch of recipients deliberately ignoring the massive free ride of ‘whiteness’ so that they can hold onto other people’s things for a longer time.

My point is that it all serves the same master, and all of us, NBPOC”s included, should understand that there isn’t anything here to hold onto, unless one’s morality is of zero significance.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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