With all due respect, though this article may have some good advice that works for some people, it conveys a high degree of privileging. The notion that thinness is only the result of hard work and good habits implies strongly that heavy/obese people lack discipline.

This is a tired and useless construct. Many thin people have ‘thin’ genes, and it is easier for them as a result. The fact that thin people are strongly inclined to credit themselves with ‘hard work’ and ‘discipline’ while ignoring biology is an overt case of ‘self-serving attribution.’ It doesn’t seem to occur to most thin people that each human being has a unique brain; therefore, the heavy person may be getting signals at a molecular level which force eating after a certain amount of weight loss, or may have much more or less active proteins which necessarily dictate particular responses to hunger. There are too many biological unknowns to preach this sort of judgmental response to obese people. Of course discipline matters; I assume that, as a group, those who are heavy/obese have no less discipline than any other group of people and therefore there may be another factor or factors which we don’t know or about which we don’t understand.

Here is why most heavy people don’t ask thin people: a dangerous proclivity to self-serving attribution which leads thin people to conclude that a superior discipline on their part is the reason they are thin.

I would recommend that you change your psychological stance towards people who aren’t thin before you expect them to ask you for advice. From my perspective, the assumption that obesity is primarily about discipline is narcissistic and inappropriate.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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