Why would you defer to the lowest moral standards to accept unjust enrichment?

Why are you accepting conquest-based behaviors as MORE relevant than the lack of moral integrity these men exhibited?!

These men stole from others through a complex lie called 'white supremacy.' Because of that, white people collectively have a lot of other people's stuff, including land, worldwide. This lack of morality should trump, so to speak, any sort of admiration we may have that they were effective at stealing things, or at buttressing white supremacy so that their forbears could have more of other people's things through inheritance.

BTW, we aren't erasing history. These statues, including the many that were pitched into bodies of water WORLDWIDE — indicating that this is a worldwide response to 500 years of worldwide white supremacy — will eventually be in museums where the truth can be told about their histories.

Truth isn't being taught in schools at this time; a conquest-based erasure of high-grade criminal behaviors is being taught. AS you can see from the 1619 Project, the actual historical truths are beginning to be taught and will eventually counter the narrative peoples of color have been forced to learn which erases our actual history.

Don't worry about being erased. That isn't the goal. The goal is to convey history accurately for the first time in 500 years even if it means that one group of people will have to start perceiving themselves as equal to others, and not automatically superior. And that they might have to take some accountability for the continued favor that confers in their (white) direction, largely unearned.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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