Why would you assume going to an elite school means 'talent'? Rich white people extort universities to admit their underachieving children through 'donations.' The degree alone doesn't guarantee any sort of skill or value; the word is accurate: 'elite.'

Elite schools in the US are a fundamental circular argument: they favor one small group of people--rich white ones--do whatever it takes to matriculate them, and then call that 'success.'

The success should come before the assumption of it. These schools are the literal manifestation of the massive lie of manifest destiny.

This isn't success: it's more multi-generational free-loading. There's nothing to be proud of there, unless the engagement in self-deception is high-grade.

The students from these schools mostly deceive themselves: the system is set up to spoon feed them and then convince them that 'merit' is the appropriate word for that spoon-feeding session.

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