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White Women, White Supremacy, and Literary Appropriation Part 2: Opportunity

White Liberal Hypocrisy, Proactive Accession of White Privilege/Supremacy, and Nell Zink

White Liberal Female Cronyism: The Importance of Complete Self-Deception

“’Next thing I knew,’ [Franzen] says, ‘I was getting, like five emails a day’” from Zink, whose response “was, like, either you’re going to support me in practical ways, or you’re going to shut the fuck up about my talent.”

In one interview, the writer states that Zink brought up Franzen’s name “21 times.” (sic) The interviewer reveals that Franzen was contacted separately and replied that he had “been advising Nell to stop adding to the Google hit count for Zink/Franzen.”

The Elaboration of Self-Deception Through Denial of Extrinsic Privilege

Zink “regards the U.S. publishing industry as shallow, profit-driven, and parochial…As Zink saw it, the publishing industry operated on cronyism and commercial possibility, while she lived six thousand miles away, knew zero insiders, and wrote the kind of stories those insiders would flatly reject.”

POC Lack of Opportunity is Linked to White Denial

White Liberals Scoff at MFA Programs Because They Don’t Need Them…White Privilege/Supremacy Has Much More Power

“Selling it is the easy part.” Nell Zink

(When White Cronyism does it for you, that is!)

“Sell it. This is the easy part.” Nell Zink

White Woman Express THEIR Ease

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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