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White Women, White Supremacy, and Literary Appropriation Part 1:

Lionel Shriver: Holding the Leash

“I had assumed that…rejection was part of the writer’s life. It was only when I read the article Writers Shouldn’t Romanticize Rejection in “The Atlantic Monthly” that I realized the gargantuan hurdle ethnic writers faced when pitching to a publishing industry that was predominantly caucasian.”

Farah Hasan, Here’s What White Privilege Looks Like in Publishing. (

As the writer Marlon James states, “Writers of colour pander to the white woman.”

Lionel Shriver: Lisping ‘Mexicans’ and Black Women on Leashes: Plain Old White Supremacy, Unleashed

In Hanif Kureshi’s article in the Guardian, ‘Diversity in Publishing is Under Attack: I hear the sound of knuckles dragging,’ he states ‘It is good news that the master race is becoming anxious about whom they might have to hear from’ and ‘The truth is, the conservative fear of other voices is not because of an anxiety that artists from outside the mainstream will be untalented, filling up galleries and bookshops with sludge: it’s that they will be outstanding and brilliant.’

Publisher’s Weekly summarized the fundamental problem in the opening sentence to their article called ‘Why Publishing is So White:’ A deep dive into hiring practices across the industry shows that publishers care about diversity, but many haven’t taken effective steps to bring about lasting change.’

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