White women have a huge advantage, in particular in the publishing field, over pretty much everybody else. This should be expected to provoke some sort of response by the big group of a wide range of POCs and WOCs who suffer as a result of the massive, extrinsic, unearned advantage of whiteness that practically plops into white women's laps on a routine basis, and in particular in the publishing world.

White women really should find a language for their heavy oppressive foot that is as informed and honest as their language for men's oppression of them. If they have any interest whatsoever in anything but pure hypocrisy, they should find this voice.

White women are NOT primarily victims. They are PRIMARILY recipients of a system that benefits WHITENESS. The intersections aren't equal: is it harder to be a Black man in our society or a white woman? Sometimes it seems like being a white woman is better than ANY other demographic: there is HUGE advantage paired with a stubborn refusal to see it.

White women should be leading with this foot: we are privileged and have heavy feet on top of ALL genders of color. We promise not to whine incessantly about our gender disadvantage unless we can speak with the same vehemence about our HUGE ADVANTAGE over all people of color, an advantage completely gifted, not earned at all, permanent, and which gets her things for FREE just as she accuses of white men.

As a WOC who can pass as white, let me assure white women out there: it is much better to be white, and it requires much less effort and performance to get things due to that massive privilege.

Please find the courage and morality to admit it. Many WOCs are already refusing to come to your self-focused marches etc.

Written by

She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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