White pp are grossly over represented at higher levels of society, which is where it matters: government, corporate C suites, etc. For example, in F500 companies we see almost 80% white at higher levels when the general population of white is lower than this by percentage. In publishing, the proportion is even greater, with white women claiming a high number of these positions (and despite this, ignoring their massive white privilege in favor of complaining and whining about their gender discrimination).

Unless we assume white pp are better leaders and thus more deserving of money and power--which most white people believe, as a matter of internalized superiority--then something other than 'merit' is happening. Why do we see a much higher representation of white pp in leadership levels? Either:

1. They are naturally better leaders, a notion which is laughable at best, given even a cursory glance at 500 yrs of history;


2. They are leveraging extrinsic (unearned) whiteness--white privilege--in order to keep themselves in positions of power. In order to do this, they must finagle this favoritism as 'merit' and accomplishment, thus lying to themselves at POC expense.

White pp believe the first, which I (and a number of other POCs I've known and read) believe is a form of functional psychosis. POCs are overtly outperforming white pp at the college level---white pp go to great lengths to keep their underperforming children in schools these children just aren't equipped to handle due to their mediocrity--and because there are even fewer standardized measures in real job situations, white pp are even more able to leverage each other's mediocrity and slap the word 'merit' on it.

I've experienced this personally, whereby during the course of a 3 decade career I've watched a wide range of POCs--sometimes even by objective parameters, performing at higher levels--get stomped through the process white ppp have established to constantly elevate each other without much attention to quality. I've been on both the stomped and 'tokenized' end, where I've been subjected to white pp talking as if they did 'enough' to promote one POC despite the fact that a number of POCs beneath them are performing at higher levels. This is a form of extreme self-deception, ie psychosis. It's white psychosis to use the word 'merit' where, in actuality, there is mostly unearned enrichment. On a side note, white pp can't 'help' POCs who are outperforming them: they can move that heavy foot of privilege and allow the actual achiever to get the prize the achiever earned. They can step aside when they are clearly being outperformed.

But studies prove it too, as do pp like Lori Loughlin. White pp believe, when they just cannot compete or offer anything of actual value, that they can substitute their whiteness and stomp all over some 5 continents' worth of actual achievement.

How can we expect to have a strong country when the most extrinsically privileged pp are using that vast privilege to stomp all over pp performing at a higher level than they are?

This shouldn't be tolerated any longer: 500 yrs is a long enough mess. Intrinsic value matters. White pp, as a group, seem to think only whiteness does. At some point, they will have to assess real quality accurately and let the actual winner win, or the country will continue to deteriorate under the weight of that profound mediocrity.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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