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White (Liberal) Supremacy: More Denial in the Service of Maintaining Power

I was reading commentary on certain books on my Goodreads account and noticed that certain defensive reactions on the parts of white people are often employed to denigrate books which fall under the general category of critical race theory. Because these defensive reactions seemed repetitive among white people I assume don’t know each other, I started to write these down. Because certain responses are so pervasive, I assume they are part of the construct of dominance that allows white people to employ any method which maintains their advantage while simultaneously washing themselves clean of the profoundly self-serving — and ultimately deforming — nature of these choices.

1. Everyone had slavery since the beginning of time: not just white people.

This type of response is a combination of projection and minimization. First of all, responding to one’s historical — and continued — dominance by reverting to the behavior of others is childish and ultimately absurd. When a parent asks a child to take accountability for bad behavior, does the parent accept the response: ‘everybody else did it.’ Why is it that large swathes of adults, white ones, resort to this childish response?

2. Why don’t we look at what Europeans did RIGHT??

This onerous response is perhaps one of the most insidious. When white people deploy this response, it is as if they ignore the elephant in the room: the overwhelmingly toxic nature of the last half-era’s behaviors.

3. Connection between centuries-long increasing white wealth and domination severed through denial

I am repeatedly fascinated with the way white/European/Western wealth is conveniently uncoupled from white supremacy as if the two have no relationship. The purpose for this particular form of denial could only be to claim, ultimately, that the wealth white people ‘created’ actually belongs to them. This belief flies in the face of reality.

4. Do we really want to call the Enlightenment….bad? Denial of the fundamental hypocrisy that undergirds the philosophical basis of whiteness.

The problem with the Enlightenment is that its basic philosophy is individuality. This is not a problem to human beings who are considered individuals, and assuming any amount of human morality, this would be all of us.

She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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