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White Feminist Series: #6 Carol Gilligan Part 2

White Feminist Victimization Industry

Gilligan repeatedly refuses to hear that her idea of ‘repair’ and ‘self-determination’ is ONLY ‘repair’ for her and other white feminists: it is actually damage, disfigurement, erasure, and destruction for many BIWOCs.

Women of color leave white feminist marches because our equality is not considered. As a result, white feminists are Janus-faced: claiming victimhood while refusing to admit their privilege. White feminism is fundamentally hypocritical. We, as BIWOCs, do NOT want white feminists in our marches.

Unlike Gilligan, we do NOT view ourselves as BIWOCs as DIRTY, as ‘staining’ others. As long as white feminists view us as inferior, we don’t want THEM in OUR marches.

Gilligan’s assumption that three BIWOCS subjected to shameful public ostracization is somehow their fault — that BIWOCS left to remove their ‘stain’ — is the most onerous of her statements, dripping as it does with internalized superiority. BIWOCS did NOT leave your white feminist marches in shame: we left because white feminists are the collectively shameful ones, and we don’t want them around us.



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Mia George

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