While I appreciate your view, please note that when anybody prioritizes the issue of economics over race and/or ethnicity, that person simultaneously marginalizes the issue of race and ethnicity. That is very similar to saying All Lives Matter, which is much the same as saying that we will continue to MARGINALIZE Black people. White people may be very poor in some cases--but on a proportional basis, many more POCs of a wide range are poorer, statistically. Why would anybody choose to centralize economics--we ALL can be poor-- when the critical difference that determines outcomes and reality is race? Difference is what reveals disparity.

Channel-shifting such that economics is central is another way of marginalizing race. As a WOC, I have been poor, not white, and female, so I can speak for all of these intersections. I place race and ethnicity centrally, so when anybody pulls this issue to the side and centralizes another, such as this author is doing, I don't hear 'poor lives matter,' since there are plenty of poor people of color. I hear 'the issue of economics is more important to me than your issue, so I"m going to centralize it at your expense. I'll just dog-whistle that into a phrase that sounds nicer.'

Only one group of people, as a collective, prefer to centralize economics over race or ethnicity: white people. It is as if any and all efforts will be made to deny extensive external privileging. Frankly, he sounds like a Karen in this essay: whine about one's victimization when the primary reality is PRIVILEGE. Why aren't white people focusing on the massive privilege they have instead? Our system favors them, thus they erase the effects of that favoritism when they should be doing the opposite: centralizing it so that we can eliminate it. There is no value to pushing one's privilege to the side only to emphasize one's disadvantages when there are so many POCs suffering due to racism.

The way to move forward is to bring it to the surface and centralize race and ethnic issues. Most POCs centralize these racial issues. The fact that this author doesn't have to carry that weight --in fact, is privileged by the same system that damages POCs--shouldn't allow him to ignore the larger issue: his centralizing of economics is the same as rendering race/ethnicity peripheral. His title states as much....

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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