We suggest, to our white friends who want to be anti-racist, that they consider not only the institutionalized effect of racism but also their individual role. White people should ASSUME PRIVILEGE, not accomplishment, first. Doors open to white people that lead to higher level positions and exposure/good PR. Give these things up by assuming they aren’t yours, that a POC has actually earned them.

The default status most white individuals take is to toss white supremacy ‘over there.’ ALL white people should assume that, no matter what their context (rich, poor, etc), compared to the POC around them, they are getting privilege that COMES AT THE EXPENSE OF A POC.

Don’t be the white person who tosses the blame on other white people ‘over there.’ Be the white person that has the courage to let the reward go to the person who actually earned it instead of letting it PLOP into your lap, and then calling it ‘success’ or ‘merit.’ How can white people know what they’ve ‘earned’ when all of us are embedded in white supremacy all the time?! They can’t. They privilege themselves when they claim ‘merit.’ Don’t.

This is hardly a popular view for our white friends to hear from the small group of us. They need to hear it, even if it destroys their carefully-constructed system of ‘merit.’

Again, our WOC suggestion if you are white:

Did you get a promotion, etc? The first 3 reasons are: privilege (free); privilege (free); and privilege (free). If you can really look around and say that absolutely NO POC was screwed over to maintain your dominance, then you may be able to assume accomplishment.

This will get the job done much more quickly than blabbing about the march attended for MLK and civil rights on your way to Woodstock, because it will shift actual money and power so that white people no longer have a money/power majority.

That would be anti-racist.

Funny how white people seem to think that other white people are racist, but they’re the one white person who ‘earned’ what they have. This is a delusion they should relieve themselves of promptly.

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