Unfortunately, within the corporate politics of healthcare, there is still a great deal of adherence to ‘whiteness,’ and this continues to drive racism in the medical arena. At the higher levels of healthcare corporations — inclusive of hospitals — the C-suite is jam-packed with not only white administrators but also white physicians. ‘White’ is the common thread. In reality, as with most other industries, the work is done by people of color while white people with similar (and sometimes lesser) credentials are promoted, often sitting in offices making decisions from their vastly ignorant position of high-grade privilege. In fact, they are the least qualified to be leaders given their lack of experience of racism (and ethnocentrism.)

This continues to nourish the ugly cycle of racism against POC and in particular against black people who are already positioned, due to onerous institutionalized history and beliefs buttressed by the invention of ‘whiteness,’ as most vulnerable. As you point out, this is both historically and currently true.

I would say, as a final comment, that as long as the healthcare industry continues to behave like all large corporations and intrinsically favor white people for promotion, leadership, executive position etc — which I can confirm that they continue to do — we cannot move forward. As a result of these onerous corporate behaviors, the leadership which must make these changes does not even want to understand them, which falls under the coddling term ‘white ignorance.’ We must promote people with the lived, embedded knowledge of what it means to deal with racism and prejudice all the time, as do POC and in particular black people. White people are relatively clueless due to profound privileging, and this fact should be central when discussing leadership.

White ignorance has an expiration date which has come and gone. If we want to see changes as a society, we must dig into leadership in these larger corporations and eliminate any ‘ignorance,’ whether deliberate or not, and replace it with knowledge of the moral sort, something which has been sorely lacking for approximately four centuries of white supremacy.

Continuously promoting ‘ignorance’ in this fashion isn’t ignorance at all: it is the deliberate self-deception that is undertaken when a human being cannot accept that what he/she/they has taken belongs to a more knowledgeable person with the actual experience.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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