Unfortunately, we see this elaborated in the world of publishing, where POCs are routinely sidelined in favor of whiteness, and in this case white women.

This disparity should NOT argue for merely accepting every reward that comes one's way--such as Cummins did with American Dirt--but to ask what one can do to alter this extreme favoritism that keeps a gag in POCs' mouths while we are also hog-tied, and hands the rewards to whomever happens to be white.

Right now, Cummins should be asking who really deserves the 7 figures she got for her superficial pile of crap called a 'book' which distorts and wholly warps the public's perception of Mexicans, and return the money. Then, she could shut her mouth and listen to some REAL Mexicans.

The biggest problem with this sort of white approach to everything is not just that it happens, but that INDIVIDUAL white people accept it when the favor plops into their laps. Individual white people have a responsibility to ask if what they just received was intrinsically earned or granted on the basis of extrinsic privilege, and then return it when it becomes clear that it was extrinsically rewarded.

How does Cummins justify her behavior, which to many POCs amounts to institutionalized thievery?? No one in her position should assume intrinsic success when the context offers such a huge dollop of pure privileging.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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