This scolding is appalling. Your voice is saturated with condescension which is difficult to read and drips with internalized superiority.

It is not the job of people in the category of the oppressed group(s) to coddle the oppressors and make them feel as if their heavy, crushing foot isn't as damaging as it is; it is the job of the losers, people who have stomped all over others with massive extrinsic privileging, to look in the mirror and ask what happened to their humanity.

If you want to scold someone, go scold people who feel like 401 years of racist fascism should continue just so that they can keep a heavy, and often also very lazy, foot on everybody else's necks.

People are responsible for their own feelings; if losers don't like their feathers ruffled, perhaps they shouldn't operate, for 4 years if not centuries, as if morals don't exist.

There's no call whatsoever for coddling white pp who voted for Trump.

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