This may be partly about feelings, but by and large, that stance ONCE AGAIN gets this demographic off the hook. White women are the demographic taking LEAST responsibility for the very heavy foot they have on the necks of all POCs.

This isn't about 'feelings;' it is tactical, about holding onto a position which allows them comfort at the expense of everyone else. The rest of us shouldn't forget this: that the group whining loudest about their alleged oppression is the most oppressive group of all after white men. White women are putting a heavy foot on the necks of 90% of the human race, POCs, and then whining about how everyone else should move theirs from their delicate necks. This psychosis will have to end at some point.

An expiration date to this distorted sensibility of 'victimization' will come: white women must learn that, if they demand men move their heavy feet from white women's necks, then they had better be prepared to move their heavy foot off of ALL genders of color.

And they aren't doing that yet. They're still whining, at least in the collective.

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