This is the same kind of low stamina and performance I've come to expect from white pp in professional settings. In their brains, massive extrinsic gifting is negotiated as 'merit,' a word that is thus disfigured as we cannot know how much merit exists where there is a constant avalanche of white privilege. Despite frequent subpar performance, white pp somehow convert this in their brains into 'merit' and 'earn' and credit themselves while others (of color) are doing the actual work.

Yes, this is confirmation of what I've observed all along. Biden's election does NOT represent a significant change, even though it had to happen to get Trump out of there.

Here is what white pp did as a collective group: they counteracted real forward motion of electing anyone other than a white male (Obama) by making sure the next time around, everyone knows they are, despite a lack of performative leadership value, STILL IN CHARGE and thus will continue to f*** things up royally while making sure white pp are protected from the melee. That is what all white pp (and nonwhite 'white' performers, AKA self-haters) really need to do: examine why, no matter how they FEEL as individual pp and how NICE they think they are inside, that as a collective group, they continue to exhibit forceful fascism in the form of white supremacy.

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