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The construct of ‘white, male, heterosexual’ which holds so much power relies on its opposite — black, female, not cis-gendered. Without it, white males lose power because they do not have it, generally speaking, on the basis of actual exhibited leadership. Rather, they have it on the basis of long-standing privileging of white males (this is probably one of the main reasons they seem so overtly incompetent at higher levels, when exposed: the criteria required for everybody else to achieve includes actual achievement, as opposed to showing up white and male, which was their only criteria for centuries.)

Even from a subconscious psychological point of view, these types of white males will react to transgendered women of color negatively, because their success is based almost entirely — if not entirely — on the overt failure of their opposite, on the binary created by race/gender/sexual orientation which constantly privileges them while requiring no effort on their part whatsoever. Taken as individuals, there isn’t much: their success relies almost entirely on keeping a relatively incompetent foot on the necks of others, not on actual achievement.

As this article points out, transgendered black females, because they are opposite the binary of cis- white males, are an immediate threat just based on their existence.

The four-legged stool of white supremacy is white, male, cis-, Christian. In the eyes of white men who have nothing of intrinsic value to offer, this superficial construct has real value — admitting it doesn’t means, for him, admitting he doesn’t have much to offer. This is a fact much easier for POC to admit than the people who contain this dearth of positivity. Transgendered black females, regardless of their actual beliefs, threaten these men by the mere existence: their stool suddenly has only 1 leg.

And as Kali Yuga points out, a 1-legged car can’t be driven. The truth for these guys, after 500 years of dominance, is ugly.

I wonder when these white men will consider adapting an internal positive trait and actually doing the work it takes to nurture it instead of constantly looking for ways to knock down whatever threatens their superficial and fragile egos and maintains their unearned wealth.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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