This is spot-on: immigration policies in this country have always been about white supremacy, and the maintenance of a white majority. Madison Grant, the Ivy League professor, published The Passing of the Great Race in 1924, to much fanfare due to its overtly racist stance. Hitler referred to this book as one of his ‘Bibles’ because it focused on race and white supremacy in such comprehensive fashion.

There was also the Immigration Act of 1965, which provoked the backlash known as the Nixon administration.

Keep in mind that ‘Muslim’ and ‘Arab’ are conflated with all Middle Easterners: in effect, the term ‘Muslim’ is used as a parachute term for a whole lot of brown people in the Middle East, inclusive of Muslims, non-Muslims, and people of all sorts of Middle Eastern descent. Because the term ‘Muslim’ has such strongly negative connotations in the US due to significant propaganda, it can be used to include a bunch of other ‘browns’ and thus does double-, triple-, and even myriad duty. With regard to places other than the Middle East, the term ‘Muslim’ is used to derogate those even in the absence of international conflict, thus plopping more ‘brown’ into the ‘subhuman’ pile.

White supremacy is a worldwide phenomena which must place ‘black,’ or ‘Africa,’ at the bottom, so must always push black people down in order to maintain not just its dominance but its core ‘whiteness’/superior identity. It is much more widespread and onerous than one country, or even one continent. If white Americans (ie, people of European descent) pay back African-Americans and Native Americans — and that is a big ‘if,’ given the collective attitude of studied ‘ignorance’ (ie denial) — the job will have only started. Five hundred years of colonialism has left scars on the entire rest of the world.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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