This is kind! I appreciate this. I am 'officially' in another profession but do enjoy writing. I do have a 'niece'--a close family friend--who is mixed-race and has encountered many obstacles in the writing world due to these issues, and she was very surprised to find that white women--not men--were behaving in this fashion. In the corporate world, I'd observed that for years but until recently, only with white men.

I started looking into these issues more seriously when a friend recommended a book called Mislaid to me about 5 years ago, a book I expected to like due to her recommendation but which I found frighteningly superficial and flippant. A perusal of the writer's (Zink) comments in interviews immediately revealed that she had written this book in order to make money, that she knew at some level her white privilege would get her; she called it 'agent bait' and admitted it took her just a few months to write. I was shocked that she has so much privilege that she can admit spending little time and energy on another's identity just so that she could make money. This sort of opportunism in a person I assumed an 'artist,'--such obvious white privilege--disgusted me enough to look into the world of writing in more detail.

I thank you again for your kind words. FYI, Ms. Mitchell (not my 'niece') has also written several books...

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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