This is great! I am partly Asian among other things and completely agree: white supremacy and people who participate use nonwhite, nonblack people in their political strategizing, typically used to isolate black people from everybody else. As a female, I recognize this from second grade: when the girl who is the bully is threatened with that fact, she typically roots out the weakest girl, isolates her, and gets all the other girls on her 'side.'

We can see this individual psychological tool of 'splitting' used to support white supremacy at a collective level in consideration of the Ivy League controversy with Asians. Some Asians actually believe that the reason they were not getting accepted was because of a trickle of affirmative action (approx 3%) as opposed to the approx 30% of rich (underperforming) white people. Note that this much higher statistic is pushed under the rug in favor of immediately blaming 'affirmative action,' implying that black people are inappropriately receiving these positions.

It is our job as nonblack POC"s to understand the anti-blackness of our society and to say 'no' to that bully (people who buy into white supremacy) who is constantly trying to isolate black people and use us POC"s as the cudgel to beat them. 'Splitting' is a really obvious tack that has as its purpose dominance and bullying. It shouldn't work at any level, whether individual or collective.

BTW, I was also embarrassed at his display.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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