This is great. I’ve worked in different corporations over a period of decades and have noticed consistent attempts to maintain (white) racial dominance at higher levels. Even supportive white males will circle the wagon when threatened from above, typically from an older white man who still believes in American exceptionalism and the superiority of white people. In my experience, white women are moving up faster than anybody of color in the last decade or so, possibly reflecting the bias towards awarding them a lion’s share of the affirmative action positions originally slated for people of color. My experience is that black people — male and female — fare worst because there is still a lot of anti-blackness out there, and this anti-blackness helps maintain the sanctity of whiteness; this may be negotiated sub-or unconsciously, but in my opinion, this anti-blackness serves to assure white people as a group that they are still superior. Also, there are a multitude of defensive reactions which protect this, thus if a few white people understand the situation and are trying to help, it is relatively easy for the upper level people to draw them back into the fold so that they are essentially silenced. I’ve never seen anyone in this situation dare to speak up.

Without a wholesale, white collective realization of this tendency of most white people to NOT notice the profound privileging, I doubt there will be significant changes. There seems to be an internal mechanism that continues to be chosen, and it supports the status quo.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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