This is fundamental conquest behavior. It pulls back on the forward motion of society to maintain previous 'ideals' using propaganda-like terms to peddle it. The term 'illiberal' is obnoxious at best, if not pure propaganda, framing as it does 'lefties' as 'not liberal.' It fails to mention that 'traditional liberalism' is another word for what we currently think of as conservative. Surprise: what used to be 'liberal' now looks conservative. That's called progress.

The homeostatic mechanism that pulls 'right' is actually pulling backwards. It reminds me of the story of Mary Wollestonecraft and William Godwin. In the late 1700's, it was unheard of for a woman to publish a book like Vindication of the Rights of Women, especially since it challenged patriarchal power. Godwin, a self-described anarchist, used his own privilege to publish it. He was ostracized and classified as 'extreme.'

Would anybody question women publishing books now?

Some group has to do the hard work of pulling forward. That group will always be classified as 'extreme' by current mores because those with power aren't going to want to lose any. Right cancel culture is a homeostatic herd response: it pulls back on forward motion.

That simply means we have no choice but to pull forward harder.

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