This is excellent: thank you for your thoughts.

I think this is expressed so well in the ‘opioid crisis,’ which affects white people as a group at proportionally higher levels than the crack cocaine and heroin epidemics which plagued AfAmerican neighborhoods in the ‘80’s and 90’s, during the Reagan admimistration (of white supremacy.) Remember what this group of people — a majority of them poor and black as a result of long-standing institutionalization and the continued effects of a history of slavery — were told then: ‘just say no.’ No support was offered, never mind anything comprehensive or potentially effective.

It is as if only white people deserve the support of the society as a whole because they are victims of (fill in the blank), but black people should just go ahead and deal with what is implied is their problem, as if it is a moral rift on their part. Whites drug deaths are deemed ‘deaths of despair’ without any acknowledgement that AFAm, NativeAm, and a whole range of POC have tolerated 400 years of deaths of despair. Why, I wonder, does one generation of white deaths qualify as ‘despair’ when the other 20 generations POC have tolerated are simply perceived as business as usual?

It’s because white people are always the priority: their despair matters. POC despair? That should be assumed; in other words, who really cares if POC are having ‘deaths of despair?’ The implication is that our bodies don’t matter as much.

Note the underlying psychology: black people must be ‘bad,’ addicts that should try to find the personal strength to get over their drug addiction (implying it is their fault.)Whites, on the other hand, are framed as victims of an ugly society, including fill in the blank(black people getting affirmative action; corporations; doctors; immigrants ‘stealing’ their jobs etc) which is everybody else.

This is not to say that opioid addicts do not deserve support. This comment is about psychology, and how ready whites people are as a group to blame others for problems and, as a result, to keep the lion’s share of the economic support in their hands as a group. The knee-jerk psychology which whites, as a group, automatically apply to all situations is rarely granted to POC. They thus guarantee that they are perpetually framed as victims and, as a result, allow them to avoid reality: they still take the lion’s share of resources — including drug rehab ones — even though in a democracy, our bodies are supposed to be equal.

It should be obvious that this sort of self-deception cannot work in the long run, especially as the POC population grows, since we as a group are aware of this as self-deception. At some point, it will seem like a shrinking group of people doing anything they can to lie to themselves which, to a growing group of POC, seems increasingly severed from reality.

This type of psychosis is what white liberals, who claim to want to help POC, should be helping other whites to avoid. Instead, they engage it — they are talking a really good show while doing the exact same thing. At least overt white supremacists own their free-loading: they simply state they want to keep power even if their white supremacist fascism has made a 500 year international mess, worldwide, by keeping their subpar performance — the manifestation of that feeble brain — and sticking on top where they can continue to exhibit subpar performance and a lack of basic morality.

Keeping a heavy foot on POC neck while leaning down to ‘help’ us stand isn’t help: it’s hypocrisy. Dear white person: move your foot.

We are more than capable of succeeding without your hypocrisy. We don’t need your help.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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