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His attitude is a variant of channel-shifting, which in my experience is very common behavior for the majority of white people. Discussions about race with many white people frequently turn into discussions about economics, homosexuality, religion, etc. in what has become, to me, a really obvious attempt to avoid discussing race and the consequences of its invention. The consequences of white supremacy have been nice to white people on a pragmatic basis, and liberals seem to have a particular disdain for admitting it, thus ensuring it continues. One tack is to change the subject as soon as it comes up: get out the gaslighting remote and start surfing for another channel that doesn’t impose the truth of white supremacy.

I have deep respect for the hard work the LGBQTI community has had to do to make gains. Their hard work has continually exposed the damage that the white-cis-male-Christian- construct has done to the bulk of peoples. But all societies deal with homophobia to some extent.

European settlers and their forbears established a unique invention — race — in the United States and exposed the world to these toxic beliefs, then used these beliefs to drain others economically, in particular African-Americans. Rectifying this will obviously require economic redress.

It seems to me that our society has agreed to allow gay people marriage but has not agreed that rectifying centuries of stolen items and money is necessary. Letting people get married is free, so ultimately it’s OK. Reparations, on the other hand? Those will cost us money, so the answer is ‘no.’ Note what is missing: ANY consideration of human morality.

This fact exposes the heart of white supremacy: ‘we don’t mind changing our minds as long as it won’t cost us any money.’

Buttigieg is another white male who can’t seem to admit his privilege, and our current group of Democratic candidates, all white, illustrate one thing to us as a society: BBI peoples still aren’t regarded as equals.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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