This is another excellent article.

As a non-black person of color (NBPOC), I appreciate this reminder.

I don’t think most people (want to) see the true core nature of White Supremacy (WS), that from a core psychological standpoint it is a binary: it must have an opposite to survive, and that opposite is Black. I also do not think that most people understand that WS is an overarching, fixed system under which all humans are forced to operate due to the consolidation of power of the last few centuries, which included, for Black people, the Transatlantic Slave Trade but also encompasses more in the form of constant shaming; that is, ‘Black’ is automatically inferior to White. Without understanding the core nature of the invention of ‘Whiteness,’ that is that it was invented as a form of fascist sociopolitical maneuvering, then it seems as if a few policy changes here and there cannot be comprehensive. Yet, the structure hasn’t been changed, and the structure is solidly WS. The larger structure must be changed, or WS will persist.

As a result of the fiction of WS, now imposed worldwide:
1. ‘Black’ must be maintained at the bottom, bc this supports ‘White’ at the top. As a result, ‘Black’ is always, in some fashion or another, being reminded of this, and all other NBPOC are being reminded of this also: you are ‘better than black’ but ‘worse than white.’

2. WS fixes ‘Black’ at the opposite end of the binary and defends this condition; that is, all efforts are made to keep Black down, even if this involves elevating non-Black POC. From this observation (for example, the ‘model minority’ of Asians), it should be immediately clear that NBPOC are different from BPOC. Black people worldwide are more ‘fixed’ at this derogated position as a requirement of the structure of WS and the lie required to complete dominance, worldwide. NBPOC ‘slide’ along the continuum to some extent, but Black is forced into a ‘fixity’ (by the fiction of WS which is buttressed with power that makes it real).

Some NBPOC experience this ‘sliding’ and assume that Black people have the same opportunity. This fails to account for the core of WS, the absolute necessity that, like all Macchiavellian maneuvering, it requires both the binary, and the high grade deception required to uphold this original lie. Understanding this means understanding that greater pressure is placed on any given Black community because the pressure is not only to stay ‘less than white,’ but to be that ultimate comparison point by which White gains its ultimate fixity as a place of superiority. Without this derogated Black, no ‘superior’ White exists. This is indeed different from being NBPOC regardless of individual experiences.

The above is the required psychological stance of WS, of its larger structural nature, which hung and continues to hang over the entire planet. This is the psychological root of the Transatlantic Slave Trade: the psychological underpinning of WS — but it isn’t the only crime. ‘Blackness’ is classified as ‘lesser than’ worldwide. WS classifies NBPOC as ‘better than Black’ but ‘not as good as White.’ For obvious reasons, this makes a very real distinction — in addition to the already obvious economic ones documented re: the TA Slave Trade— about the differences.

As a NBPOC, I appreciate this reminder and apologize if I have inappropriately conflated NBPOC with BPOC.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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