This is another excellent article, as per usual. You’ve brought out all the salient issues.

I wonder if/when these parameters will be quantified. In my own work, I have suggested this scale for measuring ‘privilege,’ and as expected, those with the most of it push back. I would suggest that, in America at the very least, different ‘races’ because of their social weight. The reality is that parameters like economics can be changed for a particular individual — albeit, with difficulty in an increasingly stratified society — but race can never be altered.

This places African Americans — and black people, on the worldwide stage — at a permanent disadvantage (and other brown peoples as well to some extent) which was the intent of white supremacy: to make sure the advantage was permanent, thereby not requiring the actual merit about which the forefathers spoke. Who could lose when the entire meaning of winning is encapsulated by a trait that requires no effort and is completely free? Of course, the corollary is that no matter how hard black people work or how much they accomplish, they can never succeed because they are permanently not the real definition of success: white. This is the extreme that white supremacy established when it was invented.

This extreme of history is still with us to some extent, and the white population as a group (not each individual, of course, which always needs to clarified thus proving that white people are individuals) is pushing against this forward movement.

I believe this has a subconscious driver separate from the individual conscious belief in equality. After watching this for decades, I think there is an overlying collective conscious that pulls backwards no matter how much work is done to move forward….and this truly frightens me.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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