This is a well-argued essay.

It would work really well prior to the last 500 years, or someday likely far from now, when (hopefully) racism is eliminated.

There cannot be a discussion in the US in 2019 about economics and working class white people without discussing race, because race is central to American economics. Consider this: white supremacy as we know it — as a form of sociocultural fascism — arises directly from substituting ‘race’ for ‘economics.’

White elites pit poor white people against poor black people (and, as the years passed, poor POC”s in the context of anti-immigration sentiment) at least as early as the late 18th century and likely prior to that.

By ‘splitting’ whites of all economic levels from poor POC’s and offering poor white people an option for superiority (in ‘whiteness’), elites were able to gain votes on the basis of ‘white,’ rather than lose them on the basis of economics.

Basically, white elites leveraged the concept of race to get poor whites on their ‘side’ because the threat of working-class cohesion would likely cause a deterioration in the elites’ status.

This persists. It is the most salient fact when discussing resentment among working class white people: it cannot be separated from a history — and current behaviors — which leverage the concept of race in order to promise working class whites that, no matter how poorly they feel they are performing, there are always pigmented people to step on whose greater failure is guaranteed relative to their whiteness.

There is no question that working class white people are victimized by elites. But as a group, a majority of them has repeatedly chosen to use African-Americans in particular but all POC in general as a place to buffer their supremacy.

Any comprehensive essay about white disillusionment must acknowledge that part — and likely a large part — of this disillusionment comes from an erosion of superiority that they, as a group, have persistently grasped at the expense of POC.

I would assume that POC’s at any socioeconomic level would find this attitude — one which automatically classifies us as a stepping stool — appalling and repugnant.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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