These articles are so important. At some point in the future, our nation should be able to go back to essays like this one.

We should continue to ask why our democratic government cannot handle equality and remember that ‘equality’ as written in the Constitution was never meant to give all people equality, it was only meant to give white men equality. Our Constitution, at that level, is fundamentally white supremacist; despite amendments ending slavery, there is no acknowledgement that the original document contained an onerous fascism: only white men in charge.

That’s because white men only thought of themselves as fully human, and everyone else as next in line or scattered somewhere behind them. When they did give the vote to others, it was to white women only, in 1920.

The Trump administration still believes this, despite the fact that their own behavior conveys a paucity of leadership traits and, instead, illustrates the long-standing privileging whites have had in guaranteeing that their subpar-mediocrity lands them leadership positions they cannot seem to handle. Which should be going to pretty much anybody else.

Until we as a nation admit that our Constitution itself should be overhauled — at the very least, to contain apology to Native AM/Indigenous and African Americans — we are still a white supremacist society. Amendments aren’t enough when the core is flawed, favoring white men and to some extent, white women.

Of course, apology itself isn’t adequate. The institutionalization that causes such great AfAm suffering and also affects all POC to some degree — regardless of economic level — cannot be altered adequately until the money is moved from the group who has the most of it to the groups who have less. This typically provokes white people to talk about who they are as individuals, to which I would respond: we all feel, as individuals, that we work hard and are owed what we receive.

Unfortunately for POC, larger social realities convey that whites are getting what POC are earning and have been for centuries, regardless of individual white person perception of his personal difficulty. Larger issues beyond that of the individual white person’s suffering do exist regardless of whether or not whites, as a group, are actively focused on ignoring them.

This economic reimbursement should slso, should be codified in a Constitution that has yet to deliver, even after centuries, the equality it promises and instead continues to allow whites performative white supremacy and the extra privilege of ignorance: pretending they aren’t acting as they actually are.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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