There is a fundamental personality difference which also drives this: some people are more open-minded to changes. Authoritarian personalities — generally focused on order, obedience, and consistency — tend to fear change. It is probably also true that they gather around each other, like most similarly-minded human beings do — and so end up in the same places, advocating for the ‘same’ stuff — no changes.

This conclusion is absurd, given the fact that time inevitably moves forward and we inevitably change, which illustrates the basic problem with the authoritarian character to begin with: they attempt to keep things the same or maintain historical advantages in part because they fear change that is inevitable. This stance isn’t merely different, it’s less cogent, lacking basic perception of reality: it refuses the fact of human change, a fact over which we have little control. Yet, authoritarians behave as if they can stop forward movement altogether merely because the social context favors them automatically, thus requiring less performance for more reward. The ‘right’ to maintain past privileges — despite the fact that white supremacy represents criminal brutality — is enough to keep this group pleased. Note that this stance is absent any sort of empathy.

If we add to that the tremendous advantage given to Europeans through the invention of whiteness and which largely determined and still determines the success (ie, $$$) of white people collectively, then there is yet another reason — in addition to the basic personality type — for white people to defend their ‘right’ to be ‘superior,’ and thus cling to antiquated notions of ‘equality’ which actually exhibit brutality and dominance in the form of a still very active white supremacy.

On the worldwide stage, this is best elaborated by Britain which illustrates a profound collective narcissism in its need to ‘separate’ from POC (the ones doing a lot of the nuts and bolts work in that country.) I’ve often wondered how jobs are going to be completed if all POC’s are kicked out of England. The automated response by the country as a whole continues to be the long-standing, presumptive inferiority of POC, which Europe exerted so much effort establishing in the interest of creating its own dominance. I’m glad you’ve underlined the current, active attitude which embodies Manifest Destiny: Britain’s people, due to being Caucasian, are automatically ‘superior’ (regardless of effort or contribution, or a lack of both).

It will be very hard for human beings willing to move forward to continue to be dragged back by a subpar-mediocrity in the form of self-centered, narcissistic authoritarianism.

The important question is this: is a democracy suited to authoritarianism, or is it suited to equality? And, since it is more suited to equality — to people with the ability and willingness to look forward — why are authoritarians here at all?? The appropriate setting for authoritarianism — respect for blindly following rules, (often) homophobia and rabid antifeminism, and a general disregard for independent thought processes — is dictatorship. Democracy is the opposite of authoritarianism and should actively push against it.

Authoritarianism and these types of characters/personalities are well-matched with a dictatorship. Open-mindedness is better suited to a democracy. If we want a true democracy — not one characterized by the brutal authoritarianism of white supremacy — then the personalities who promote democracy should be the ones who inherit the US. If, that is, the dictates of equality actually matter.

There are plenty of dictatorships. This is where authoritarian personalities belong. Leave the democracies to humans who have the courage to look forward. Authoritarian personalities will push this country towards authoritarianism; they prefer ‘no action’ and holding onto their unearned benefit, because their focus is on dominance, not equality, by dint of their personalities. Many of the ‘Middle America’ people you mention have been sitting there for generations, benefiting from the Indigenous land of Native Americans and the hard work of African-Americans. The fact remains that, as a group, their authoritarian bent damages our democracy on a daily basis. Why won’t they consider moving to an actual dictatorship, where the dictates of their personalities can be satisfied?!

POC’s leave their countries to go to very unfamiliar places, learn new languages, and establish completely new lives; I’ve heard about Trumpers in Middle America who don’t even want to move 50 miles to the nearest city for a different life. Why is it that POC can muster the strength to move across oceans, but these people can’t even move a few kilometers? Why is their expectation always that they will be catered to?

As long as we desire a democratic country, authoritarians will be a damaging force whose power is better placed elsewhere, because their personalities are fundamentally focused on domination, not equality.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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