There is a deliberation about this process which cannot be denied. The system which allows wealthy people — due to the long-term history of institutionalization, this is usually white people — to maintain a certain level of wealth through ‘prestigious’ jobs. These jobs, usually leadership, are attained through a long history of institutionalized advantage that frequently has little to do with merit or actual achievement.

This advantage starts in wealthy areas, almost exclusively white, in which several generations have already participated in ‘legacy’ donations which are used to guarantee spots for wealthy people on the basis of donation. This relatively small group continues to frame their admissions to these prestigious places as ‘merit’ rather than placing it into the criminal category of ‘extortion’ which characterizes it more accurately, ie, felonious behavior.

After having attained a spot at an Ivy League university through criminal means that are sanctioned — by the very leaders who benefit directly by it through their children’s ‘success’ — these children are set up with friends/contacts they meet and other support systems which these universities use to maintain the current supremacist power structure. This can be described metaphorically as the fox guarding the henhouse and should be perceived as immoral. Clearly, we have no problem as a society telling first generation wealthy people like Lori Loughlin; why are people who’ve done this for generations getting away with it?

Addressing this issue must start with the very people who have the power, and some attention be brought to the gross inequality their support of inadequately performing children creates not just in colleges but for the rest of their lives. I have been repeatedly shocked, when I worked in a wealthy area, at how often these people — who claim to be interested in equality — allow positions in Ivy League universities plop into their laps when an honest, hardworking person earned it without bribery, and subsequently allow the promotions, awards, and other benefits that others are earning plop indiscriminately into their laps despite clear-cut criminal behaviors which allow this system to continue.

If they were truly interested in equality, they would admit that their massive advantage is unearned, their performance subpar, and thus the appropriate reaction to step aside and allow actual performers receive the rewards they’ve often already earned which continue to fall into these same laps, generation after generation.

Unfortunately, they act as if they are much more strongly wedded to the delusion of their ‘merit,’ a delusion which becomes less tethered to reality as the rest of us perform at higher and higher levels. Since they continue to use their power to promote their subpar children, the rest of us are left pushing against this tremendous force and often feeling as if we are going nowhere.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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