The reason I don’t focus on “beauty supremacy” or “smart supremacy” etc is because these haven’t been leveraged by taking wholly subjective and immutable traits, creating dominance where there is only difference, and then systematically creating a worldwide system based on that dominance.

“Smart” varies, depending on location or context. The intelligence it takes to succeed at an Ivy League school is much different from the intelligence it takes to succeed as a stripper. As for beauty, this is a cultural marker that, generally speaking, is held accountable to white supremacy. Even in the Far East, pictures of white women are displayed as ‘superior.’ Regardless of this systematic and deliberate codification of power — allowing one group to be culturally dominant worldwide, in addition to being economically dominant — “beauty” works in service of economics.

The ‘race’ thing is important because deliberately creating a worldwide system of economics and dominance around traits that simply indicate difference is the historical reality for Europeans. When Russians come to this country, they’re white in addition to being Russian, and this gives them a huge immutable advantage regardless of Russian history. That is a true social advantage regardless of how victimized that individual feels within the local context of Russian politics.

No matter how victimized whites feel as a result of their personal experiences, they have a massive extrinsic advantage. It is immutable, unlike economics and financial status, and thus privileges that white person no matter how little is offered while simultaneously robs from people of color who have much to offer.

Individual victimization that whites feel as a result of the (frankly minimal) erosion of extrinsic advantage they have experienced in the last few decades or their personal experiences in a variety of countries doesn’t change the fact that whites have a big advantage simply being born white.

The inability to admit this is part of the process of maintaining that power by refusing that there is any.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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