The phrase 'are we more intelligent than that' is ridiculous. It implies that my opinion lacks intelligence. Is that your idea of good debating?

Humans behave as individuals AND as part of a collective group. BOTH. Both matter. This is a fact.

Now, I think whether or not people listen has to do with whether or not they are prepared to deal with the consequences of BOTH: how you behave as an individual, and how your group behaves as a group. If you're in the majority, it is your responsibility to see the way that majority damages minorities. Do that work.

When you note that it happens, then you speak up against it. That is our option as members of a group: we speak up when we see that our group, as a whole, is behaving in egregious and despicable, ignorant ways.

White supremacy is egregious and despicable. It has shunted resources from POCs to white people for about 500 years, worldwide. If one is a member of this gorup, then, the proper moral response would be to push against the larger collective system of white supremacy because it is absent morals and crushes everybody else in the interest of making things easier for white people.

But this group need not listen. That option, however, comes with its own potential consequences: that when you are the minority, you will not garner any sympathy either. Why would a person who didn't want to listen and change ever deserve sympathy they didn't make the effort to give?

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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