The next step is for individual white people to consider privilege in every arena of their lives. This may sound redundant, but in fact has yet to be done in any sort of comprehensive way.

Let me offer an example: A white liberal friend was very happy when a POC was promoted at work. She acknowledged the superior performance and noted it was a fair promotion, and a long time coming given the considerable prejudice to which WOC are subjected. However, when she became the competitor with another WOC and she won despite subpar performance, she attributed that win to her own ability and merit.

In other words, she could see how another white person should act, in order to be just, but when it came to her own unearned advantage, she was unable to acknowledge it. When the stakes were high for her, she simply accepted the result of her privilege and subsumed it, from a cognitive standpoint, as meritorious. This is a fatally flawed moral cognition.

In order for justice to prevail, all whites should question rewards, promotions, etc etc. All whites are privileged by whiteness; thus, all rewards they receive should be questioned. This is a racism without racist equation. Each white person should be ready to concede that POC are not winning at least in part due to her privilege.

This would be a morally adept position.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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